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For more than 30 years Brand Tool Box has been coaching marketing professionals and executive teams helping them unlock their organization’s brand-building potential.

We’re not new to this game of brand consulting; we’ve been solely dedicated to providing objective advice and insights since 1984, creating strategic brand-building breakthroughs for our clients. This isn’t our second career nor are we like so many groups using “brand consulting” as a Trojan Horse to sell logos, websites or customer-experience events. We provide our clients with a solid brand management structure so that all of those marketing tactics have the most brand building impact. 

No matter if you and your team are struggling with a particular brand-building problem that is causing internal chaos or minimizing the impact of your day-to-day marketing activities or your team needs a jolt to get your brand building to the next level, we’re ready to sit side-by-side with you and make things happen.

We are experts on the 3 things that create brand-building breakthroughs…

Our proprietary executive coaching tools and the 30+ years of experience of our founding principal in working with senior leadership teams and boards.

Our 30+ years of strategic brand management experience and our practical, anthropology-like process has enabled us to discover the authentic qualities of powerful brands in virtually every industry. Describing a brand platform in everyday language so everybody can engage and become passionate about the brand is one of our true specialties.

As the pioneer in developing and delivering our proprietary Power of Brand Alignment Internal Brand-Building Programs for 15 years for organizations around the world give us the confidence we can help your organization.

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  • Internal Brand Building
  • Brand Platform Development
  • Executive Brand Coaching
  • Personal Brand Building
  • Power of Brand Alignment Workshop
  • Speaking Engagements

Here are some of our clients…

Samples of Our Work

  • National Church Residences
  • Target
  • Sunrise Banks
  • GE Johnson
  • Securian
  • Ecumen

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