The Inside Story of the Brand Building 80/20 Rule

The Inside Story of the Brand Building 80/20 Rule Marketing professionals’ perspective on brand is twisted which ties their brand- building ideas up in knots. This perspective shows its limitations when marketers attempt to convince senior management of the strategic importance of building a strong brand and of course providing more resources in support of

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Creating a Tipping Point in Patient-Centered Care

Understanding a Healthcare Organization’s Patient-Centered Care Potential Every healthcare organization delivers on the promise of patient-centered care, to one degree or another.  Employees or teams consistently delivering the highest levels of care are motivated in part by a strong sense of personal alignment with their employer.  In essence these high performing caregivers believe there is

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Brand Affinity: Don’t Squander It

Brand Affinity: Don't Squander It Moving up the brand ladder. Step One: Brand awareness. Step Two: Brand loyalty. Top step: Brand affinity. Brand affinity – most companies want it, few obtain it. And some organizations are born with it and risk squandering it. Brand affinity is the most enduring and valuable level of customer relationship

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