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Brand feels tired today.  Brand viewed in terms of its conventional techniques and past accomplishments seems old; same techniques; same case studies and the same claims. Yet being the brand of choice, the sole purpose of brand management, is still the most important objective of every organization.  Conventional brand management techniques are successful when applied where they work best, but not for every organization. Truth be known, these traditional techniques were meant for an exclusive club of marketers.

Brand has a new frontier to conquer; brand building needs a new, practical perspective that works with a larger audience of organizations that can make brand matter in their business.

For more than 30 years we have been blazing the trail on each new frontier of brand management. Today’s frontier of brand building requires a deep understanding of how to make brand work in a new way, using proven, practical tools.  Success requires the perspective that comes from working on the frontier and learning to apply that experience in ways that work for different types of organizations.

We know the new frontier because that’s where we have been operating for the past 10 years.  We have the deep knowledge and experience to make brand approachable to executive teams of organizations residing on this new frontier, most importantly we know how to instill a passion about brand with leaders.  We also have the proven, practical tools to help marketers become respected brand leaders throughout the organization.

Brand is not tired, it’s ready to energize a whole new set of organizations, with a new, relevant perspective.  We’re ready to make that happen.


Engage. Define. Sustain.


Our proprietary executive coaching tools and the 30+ years of experience of our founding principal in working with senior leadership teams and boards.

Our 30+ years of strategic brand management experience and our practical, anthropology-like process has enabled us to discover the authentic qualities of powerful brands in virtually every industry. Describing a brand platform in everyday language so everybody can engage and become passionate about the brand is one of our true specialties.

As the pioneer in developing and delivering our proprietary Power of Brand Alignment Internal Brand-Building Programs for 15 years for organizations around the world give us the confidence we can help your organization.

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  • National Church Residences
  • Target
  • Sunrise Banks
  • GE Johnson
  • Securian
  • Ecumen

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