Power of Brand Alignment Workshop

The Power of Power of Brand Alignment Workshop is the centerpiece of the Brand Tool Box Internal Brand Building process.  The workshop has been implemented by a wide portfolio of organizations ranging in size from Fortune Global 500 to regional nonprofit organizations. All told more than 50,000 employees from 23 different countries have experienced the Power of Power of Brand Alignment Workshops and developed a stronger alignment with the corporate brand of their employer.


Employees can’t be told to live the brand — it just doesn’t work that way. At the core of every strong brand is an organization that is engaged and passionate about the way it makes a difference for its customers. Strong brands and sustainable customer loyalty start inside the organization and are fueled with an engaged team of employees. Internal brand building is all about engaging employees on their terms about how they make a difference for customers and other team members.


The Brand Tool Box Power of Brand Alignment Workshop employs the innovative concepts of personal brand based upon the best-selling book Be Your Own Brand. The workshop is proven to engage employees through an innovative training experience that helps individuals discover alignment between their personal brand and the brand of the organization. The Brand Tool Box Power of Brand Alignment Workshop has proven to be a positive learning and personal development experience for employees of all levels and demographics.


The learning model to discover the level of employee/organization alignment is known as the Brand Tool Box Power of Brand Alignment.

Pre-workshop Assignment

The Power of Brand Alignment Workshop employs a blended-learning design.  The learning process begins by each participant completing a pre-workshop assignment preparing the participants to derive the most impact from the classroom learning.

Personal Brand Discovery Tool

The Broadview Personal Brand Discovery Tool is an integrated, multi-platform self-paced learning tool guided by informative audio tutorials.  The web-based tool guides users through the learning experience to discover their authentic personal brand and conduct a comprehensive assessment of how she/he is perceived by professional colleagues and friends and family members. The tool has two separate components; the Personal Brand Assessment Tool and the Personal Brand Platform Development Tool.

Pre-Workshop Assignment – Perceptions Feedback

An organization’s leadership and employees will initiate the Broadview Personal Brand Assessment Tool to gather perceptions about themselves. Each participant will send out an email request to professional associates and family and friends who will respond anonymously with their perceptions of the participant. The results of the perception assessment will be provided to each participant during the workshop to give them the opportunity to compare the brand they want to be (their personal brand platform) to the brand they really are (the perceptions others have of them). This is a very powerful personal development experience highly valued by the attendees.

Pre-Workshop Assignment – Personal Brand Platform Development

In this phase participants will develop their personal brand platform in six steps, guided throughout by audio tutorials featuring Karl D. Speak, the subject-matter expert. The tool will guide them through creating their values, ethos, roles, standards, style, and brand promise. At the end of this phase participants will have their personal brand platform to bring with them to the upcoming workshop.

Module Overview

Module One: Mastering the Power of Perceptions. Building Trusting Relationships and Creating Opportunities

Perception is reality.  Perception management is a universally under-developed leadership competency and a leader’s strengths will be under-utilized if not clearly perceived by others.  Too many leaders take managing perceptions for granted or feel they have little control over what others think about them.  This complacency in proactively managing perceptions results in being misperceived by others and a missed opportunity. Leaders who are complacent about managing how others perceive them are missing the opportunity to take advantage of the power of perception management.


Module one explores how perceptions are created and how easy it is to be misperceived without knowing it. The module will provide participants with an understanding of a set of strategies to change misperceptions that may exist in other people’s minds.  In addition, these same strategies can be used to reinforce one’s authentic qualities, building an even stronger personal brand with key people in her/his life.


Module Two:  My Authentic Personal Brand


The uniqueness of an individual’s personal brand is a composite of her/his values, competencies, experiences and style. The power of brand alignment begins with clearly and practically defining the attributes of an individual’s personal brand in a framework that enables her/him to understand the obvious connections with “the organization’s way.”


Each participant will use the results of the Personal Brand Platform Development learning segment within the Broadview Personal Brand Discovery Tool for this module.  Using individual and small group exercises, participants will refine their personal brand platform.


The primary objective of this module is to understand and analyze how an individual is perceived by others, i.e., discovery their true personal brand.  Each participant will be provided the findings of The Broadview Personal Brand Assessment tool initiated in the pre-workshop assignment.


The report from the Broadview Personal Brand Assessment will provide the participant with a reliable, unbiased, factual understanding of how others perceive them. The report also contains a set of analytical tools enabling each participant to analyze the data received and determine their strengths as perceived by others. The next assignment in this module is to determine the gap between the individual’s self-perceived strengths and how others perceive them.  Each attendee will compare their perceived strengths with their Personal Brand Platform to determine their Personal Brand Perception Gap and opportunities.


Module Three:  Aligning My Personal Brand with My “Organization’s Way”


How well an individual’s personal brand aligns with an organization’s internal brand is a key driver of his/her success.  In this module participants will be guided through a process of discovering the level of alignment between her/his personal brand and the organization’s brand.


As a part of the program customization process a Broadview consultant will work with the client team to “translate” its purpose, values and distinctive qualities into a practical business brand framework, known as the Brand Tool Box Business Brand learning model.  The Brand Tool Box Business Brand model has been used for more than 20 years to translate the principle elements of an organization’s or team’s brand into a set of behavior-related descriptors that enable leaders to guide their decisions and actions to reinforce the organization’s promise made to customers.


The learning model to discover the level of employee/organization alignment is known as the Brand Tool Box Power of Brand Alignment.  Individuals will quickly discover the alignment strength by comparing the dimensions of their authentic Personal Brand with the dimensions of the organization’s Business Brand model.  The strength of the Power of Brand Alignment model is its use of congruent learning brand models that enable the participants to clearly identify the specific areas where her/his strengths are in alignment with the organization’s brand.


Module Four:  An Action Plan to Focus My Alignment with the Organization


Through the facilitation of a series of action-learning exercises, individuals will begin learning how to be more effective by leveraging their alignment with the organization.  Following the action-planning exercises each individual will develop a 21-Day Perception Management and Alignment Action Plan that will provide a set of perception management guidelines for key situational opportunities.

Program Benefits

Employees of all levels will be provided the practical knowledge and tools to leverage their authentic, personal alignment with the team brand.  Each employee will leave the program energized and empowered to add to the success of the team brand and to be recognized for his/her contributions.

  • A clear, practical definition of a leader’s authentic strengths.
  • A practical understanding and set of skills to create and manage perceptions.
  • A statistically reliable assessment of how an individual’s strengths are perceived by others.
  • A practical understanding of the “organization’s way” in terms of how it shows up internally and with customers.
  • A clear understanding of alignment between an individual’s strengths and the “organization’s way.”
  • A 21-day action plan to more effectively apply a leader’s strengths to have more impact on the authenticity and power of the “organization’s way” to drive the organization’s success.
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