Speaking Engagements

For more than 20 years Karl has delivered highly energetic, practical presentations (although he is a bona fide thought leader, his approach to brand is far from academic) to engage audiences by making his message relevant to audiences of all types and sizes. Whether you need to get a group of 1,500 employees, 500 salespeople or 15 senior executives engaged and enthusiastic about your brand, Karl’s your guy.


What separates Karl from other speakers on the topic of brand is his highly passionate, interactive presentation style, coupled with his uncanny ability to make the topic of brand come alive for an audience. He’s an expert at making brand relevant to audiences of all levels, in any and every industry, profit and non-profit. Clearly Karl is the leading expert at making brand come alive for audiences where brand is not a natural topic. For example, Karl has made brand relevant and engaging for audiences of long-term care nurses, construction supervisors, police men/women, government employees, doctors and farmers. No other brand thought leader can deliver a compelling presentation about product, corporate and personal brands.


Karl’s core message of the importance of personal and corporate brand alignment sets him apart from every other brand speaker. His message on brand alignment is a powerful way to gain personal commitment to supporting an organization’s corporate brand.


Karl’s combination of thought leader expertise, world class speaking skills and passion make him the “brand of choice” if you want your audience to be inspired and engaged about your brand!

Every sales meeting and executive retreat will benefit from a highly energetic person speaking with simplicity, actively engaging the audience about a topic that is relevant to all of them.  If that topic is brand, corporate or personal brand, than you’ll want to meet Karl D. Speak!

Making it Real.  After 30 years of working with brands in every industry and all company sizes, Karl knows how to customize a message about brand that is relevant.  For sure Karl will not use the same old, worn out examples of well-known consumer brands to make his point with your audience.

Saying it Simply.  If you know brand well you can speak about it in simple, relevant terms.  Karl has a way of making every important brand concept easy to understand, speaking in practical terms and in a way that everyone in the audience can relate to and enjoy.

Presenting with Passion.   Karl has a passion for speaking about brand – business and personal – and it shows.  Karl gets as amped up talking about brand as he did when he first started talking about it over 25 years ago!

Keeping it Fresh.  As a thought leader in brand Karl delivers insights into brand in a way that matters today.

Whether the situation relates to repositioning a corporate brand; launching a new corporate brand; engaging a leadership team to make brand relevant to a new business strategy; leveraging the personal brand of salespeople or customer service employees; or leveraging the power of internal brand building, Karl’s goal is always the same – make it practical, relevant and energizing for everyone in the audience.

Public Speaking is More Than Just Showing Up

Karl Speak is a speaker in a class by himself! He is amazing in his ability to engage people of all levels and make them feel like brand experts. I have produced the best and Karl Speak is in the upper echelon of speakers.


— Dan Yaman, President, LiveSpark

Karl approaches each speaking assignment with these guiding principles:

  • Tools to use. All my presentations contain tools that audience members can use when they get back to their jobs to apply what they learned at the meeting.
  • No cookie cutter. Each assignment is unique and I take responsibility to make the content work for everyone in the audience.
  • Preparation is half the battle. Preparation starts with getting to know the client, audiences and objective of the presentation. I use my 30 years as an executive consultant to understand the underlying business issues and make my content relevant.
  • Personal connection. Getting to personally know the audience before taking the podium can make a difference. I love getting to know new people so I arrive early and have dinner and drinks with attendees to make some personal connections.
  • Learning first, entertaining second. Although I appreciate using humor in my presentation I know I am not hired as a comedian, that’s the after-dinner guy. Some entertainment and fun are critical to learning. I believe my job is to help people learn and I do that by presenting important concepts about brand in a practical manner; in a way that is relevant to the audience; and use audience interaction to facilitate the learning.

For more information on Karl’s dynamic speaking style, topics and how to book him for your next engagement, contact us.

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