Want to Become the Brand of Choice? Pick Two!

Want to Become the Brand of Choice? Pick Two! Want to become brand of choice? Who doesn’t? It’s not easy, but developing a strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Making concepts like becoming brand of choice simpler and more pragmatic empowers more people to use them to their benefit. Robust, fact-based discussions using simple well-understood

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Unbranding the Word Brand

Unbranding the Word Brand “In a world where the words new and fresh are relentlessly repeated on every product label, the name of the sales technique is getting old and stale. Where is the ad-Übermensch, the creative Ogilivy, who will put forward a new moniker for the name of the atmospheric marketing game? The time

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It’s Time for a Brandversation!

It's Time for a Brandversation! I think it is time to begin a pragmatic conversation about brand, let’s call it a “Brandversation.” I am talking about having an on-going practical and interesting conversation about brand that we all can learn from and enjoy. The good news is that there are a lot people talking about

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A Brand Opportunity Hidden in Plain Sight

A Brand Opportunity Hidden in Plain Sight If a marketer were handed a new brand to use in their marketing mix that wouldn’t impact their budget, how much would it increase the ROI of their marketing? What if a sales leader was given an innovative tool that would enable salespeople to build brand loyalty that

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The Power of Purpose and Authenticity

Purpose has more purpose and is more popular than ever. Today employees are much more attuned to an organization’s purpose. In our modern language we refer to organizations with a highly regarded purpose as having a “double bottom line.” High-performing employees thrive on organizational purpose; it’s becoming an important criteria for their career choices.  A

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