From Icon to Involvement

From Icon to Involvement In the best of cases a new corporate identity enhances the market’s perception of the organization and is a boost to employees’ belief in the company’s culture. It’s time to put the focus of identity back into corporate identity. There is an emerging opportunity to use the launch of a new

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Can NPS and IBB Deliver a Higher Customer KPI?

Can NPS and IBB Deliver Higher Customer KPI? Want to become brand of choice? Who doesn’t? It’s not easy, but developing a strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Making concepts like becoming brand of choice simpler and more pragmatic empowers more people to use them to their benefit. Robust, fact-based discussions using simple well-understood concepts

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Creating a Tipping Point in Patient-Centered Care

Understanding a Healthcare Organization’s Patient-Centered Care Potential Every healthcare organization delivers on the promise of patient-centered care, to one degree or another.  Employees or teams consistently delivering the highest levels of care are motivated in part by a strong sense of personal alignment with their employer.  In essence these high performing caregivers believe there is

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The Power of Purpose and Authenticity

Purpose has more purpose and is more popular than ever. Today employees are much more attuned to an organization’s purpose. In our modern language we refer to organizations with a highly regarded purpose as having a “double bottom line.” High-performing employees thrive on organizational purpose; it’s becoming an important criteria for their career choices.  A

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The Inside Story of the Brand Building 80/20 Rule

The Inside Story of the Brand Building 80/20 Rule Marketing professionals’ perspective on brand is twisted which ties their brand- building ideas up in knots. This perspective shows its limitations when marketers attempt to convince senior management of the strategic importance of building a strong brand and of course providing more resources in support of

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